Praguers to their city - Poster 30x40 cm

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  • the color overprint faithfully reproduces the original design
  • numbered, limited edition - 240
  • print size 30x40 cm
  • wood-free paper Ivory Fleece 250g/m2
  • the price does not include the frame
  • the color of the print may differ slightly from the color on the screen
  • © OOA-S 2021

Why will you love them?

Timeless design

Original period graphics from the 1950s - 1980s carry a playfulness, imagination and elegance that surpasses even contemporary design.

Limited edition of 240 pieces

Each poster bears a stamp with a unique serial number.
Why 240? That's how many matches there were in the big matchbox.

Quality printing

Low-cost offset printing on extra-large 250g/m2 recycled paper with a distinctive structure faithfully reproduces the original match stickers.

Precise processing

Each design is digitally recreated to the smallest detail and faithfully reproduces all the original imperfections and inaccuracies, giving you the feeling of holding the original original.

A collection like no other

All stickers come from a conscientiously collected collection of several tens of thousands of motifs. Each sticker went through our hands several times before it was shortlisted.

Easy framing

Thanks to the standardized size, you can frame our posters really easily.
We recommend, for example , IKEA or NIELSEN frames.